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CONTENTS: 1. An Overview; PART-I: DNA Technology; 2. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: 1. Cloning  and Expression Vectors; 3. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: 2. Chimeric DNA, Molecular Probes and Gene Libraries; 4. PCR and Microarrays: 5. Isolation and Synthesis of Genes/Genomes (including 'synthetic genomics'); 6. DNA Sequencing Technologies (including New Generation Sequencing Methods); 7. DNA-Based Molecular Markers;  PART II: Plant Cell and Tissue Culture; 8. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 1. Culture Media and Cell Culture; 9. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 2. Tissue Culture and Somaclonal Variation; 10.  Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 3. Clonal Micropropagation; 11. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 4. Germplasm Conservation; 12. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 5. Production of Virus Free Plants; 13. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 6. Production of Metabolites; 14. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 7. Production and Uses of Haploids; 15. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 8. Protoplast Culture, Regeneration and Somatic Hybridization; PART III: Transgenic Plants(Including Transplastomic Plants); 16. Gene Transfer Methods in Plants; 17. Gene Targeting in Plants; 18. Transgenic Plants: 1.  Study of Regulatory Sequences; 19. Transgenic Plants: 2. Genetically Modified Improvement of Crops and Floricultural Plants; 20. Transgenic Plants: 3. Molecular Farming/Pharming;  21. Transgenic Plants: 4.  Field Testing and Commercialization; 22. Transplastomic Plants and Chloroplast Engineering; PART IV: Plant Genomics and Quantitative Genetics; 23. Plant Genomics: 1. Construction of Molecular Maps and Synteny (Collinearity); 24. Plant Genomics: 2. Whole Genome Sequencing and Functional Genomics; 25.  Metabolic Engineering and Metabolomics (For Overproduction of Metabolites); 26. Quantitative Genetics and QTL Analysis; 27. Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) and Association Mapping; 28. Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) for Plant Breeding; PART V: Plant Biotechnology for Agricultural Practices; 29. Biopesticides and Integrated Pest Management (IPM); 30. Biofertilizers and Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) (Including Organic Farming); PART VI: Plant Biotechnology for Environment; 31. Environment, BioEnergy and BioFuels; 32. Bioremediation (Including Phytoremediation); 33. Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources; 34. Plant Biotechnology and Climate Change; Part VII: IPR and Plant Biotechnology: 35. IPR and Plant Breeding; 36. Terminator and Traitor Technologies (v-GURT and t-GURT)

Author Prof. P.K. Gupta
Edition 2nd Edition: 2015-2016
Size Crown 4vo
ISBN 978-93-5078-100-5
Pages 28+676

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