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CONTENTS: Part I. Biotechnology and Genomics: General Features: 1. Biotechnology and Genomics : History, Dimension and Scope, 2. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: (1. Cloning and Expression Vectors), 3. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: (2. Chimeric DNA, Molecular Probes and Gene Libraries), 4. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Gene Amplification,  5. DNA Chip Technology and  Microarrays, 6. Mass  Spectrometry : An Essential Tool for Genome and Proteome Analysis, 7. Triplex DNA, TFOs, PNAs, RNA-DNA Hybrids and ds RNA/RNAi, 8. Isolation, Sequencing and Synthesis of Genes, 9. DNA–Based Molecular Markers in Biotechnology, 10. Biosensors as Biotechnology Tools, 11. Methods and Uses of Genomics and Proteomics Research, 12. Bioinformatics and Data Mining (‘In Silico Biology’). Part  II. Animal Biotechnology and Genomics: 13. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: (1. Laboratory Facilities, Culture Media and Procedures), 14. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: (2. Primary Culture and Cell Lines),  15. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: (3. Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines), 16. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: (4. Primary Explanation Techniques and Organ/Embryo Culture.), 17. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture : (5. Cell and Tissue Engineering), 18. Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Humans and Livestock, 19. Cloning of Animals : Methods and Utility, 20. Transfection Methods and Transgenic Animals, 21. Immunotechnology (1. B-Cells, Antibodies, Interferons and Vaccines), 22. Immunotechnology: (2. T-Cell Receptors and MHC Restriction), 23. Immunotechnology: (3. Hybridoma and Monoclonal Antibodies : mAbs), 24. Animal and Human Genomics: (1. Molecular Maps), 25. Animal and Human Genomics: (2. Progress in Genomics Research), 26. Biotechnology in Medicine: (1. Vaccines, Diagnostics and Forensics), 27. Biotechnology in Medicine: (2. Gene Therapy), 28. Biotechnology in Medicine:(3. Pharmacogenetics / Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine).  Part III. Plant Biotechnology 29. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: (1. Culture Media and Cell Culture), 30. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: (2. Tissue Culture Micropropagation and Somaclonal Variation), 31. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: (3. Production and Uses of Haploids), 32.  Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: (4. Protoplast Culture, Regeneration and Somatic Hybridization), 33. Gene Transfer Methods in Plants, 34. Transgenic Plants: (1. Study of Regulatory Sequences), 35. Transgenic Plants: (2. Genetically Modified Crops and Floricultural Plants), 36. Transgenic Plants : (3. Molecular Farming/Pharming), 37. Transgenic Plants: (4. Field Testing and Commercialization), 38. Transplastomic Plants and Chloroplast Engineering, 39. Plant  Genomics: (1. Construction  of  Molecular Maps and Synteny : Collinearity), 40. Plant Genomics: (2. Whole Genome  Sequencing  and  Functional  Genomics).  Part IV.  Industrial  and  Microbial  Biotechnology 41. Biocatalysis and Enzyme Biotechnology, 42. Protein and Enzyme Engineering, 43. Drug Discovery and Drug Designing. 44. Metabolic Engineering and Metabolomics, 45. Microbes  and Microbial Genomics for Industry, 46. Bioprocess Engineering and Downstream Processing, 47. Biopesticides and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), 48. Biofertilizers  and Integrated  Nutrient  Management (INM). Part V. Biotechnology and Environments 49. Pollution Control, 50. Bioremediation (Including Phytoremediation), 51. Environment and Energy, 52. Restoration of Degraded Lands, 53. Biodiversity and Its Conservation. Part VI. Biotechnology Genomics and Intellectual Property; 54 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Protection (IPP), 55. Patenting of Biological Material, 56. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for Plant Breeding. 57. Terminator and Traitor Technologies (v-GURT and t-GURT), 58. Biotechnology Entrepreneurship, References,  Author  Index,  Index,  Appendix.
Author Prof. P.K. Gupta
Edition 7th Reprint (1st Edition): 2016-2017
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