Dr. P. K. Gupta
4th Rev.Ed (3rd Reprint) 2014-15
Crown 4vo
XXViii + 648
Price Rs. 495.00
Export Price US $ 18.00
1.Genetics: Definitions, History and Scope; 2. Mendel's Laws of Inheritance; 3. Lethality and Interaction of Genes; 4. Genetics of Quantitative Traits (QT); 5.Multiple Alleles and Isoalleles (Classical Concept of Allelomorphism); 6. Physical Basis of Heredity: 1. The Chromosome Theory of Inheritance; 7. Physical Basis of Heredity: 2. The Nucleus and the Chromosome; 8. Physical Basis of Heredity: 3. Cell Division (Mitosis and Meiosis); 9. The Cell Division Cycle: Genetics and Molecular Basis; 10. Linkage and Crossing Over in Diploid Organisms (Higher Eukaryotes) ; 11. Tetrad Analysis, Mitotic Recombination and Gene Conversion in Haploid Organisms (Fungi and Single Celled Algae) ; 12. Genetics of Sexuality and Recombination in Bacteria and Viruses; 13. Molecular Basis of Homologous Recombination; 14. Recombination and Resolution of Gene Structure (A Modified Concept of Allelomorphism); 15. Accessory Genetic Elements: Plasmids, Transposons and Retroelements; 16. Sex-Linked, Sex-Influenced and Sex-Limited Traits (Including Sex-Biased Inheritance) ; 17. Genetics of Sex Determination, Sex Differentiation and Dosage Compensation; 18. Maternal Effects and Cytoplasmic Inheritance; 19. Structural Changes in Chromosomes; 20. Numerical Changes in Chromosomes; 21. Mutations: 1. Morphological Level (Including Lethal Mutations); 22. Mutations: 2. Biochemical Level (Biochemical Microbial Genetics); 23.Mutations: 3. Molecular Mechanism and Use in Functional Genomics ; 24. Human Genetics and Genomics; 25. Chemistry of the Gene: 1. Nucleic Acids and Their Structure ; 26. Chemistry of the Gene: 2. Synthesis, Modification and Repair of DNA; 27. Organization of Genetic Material: 1. Genome Size, C-Value Paradox and Repetitive DNA Sequences; 28. Organisation of Genetic Material : 2. Packaging of DNA as Nucleosomes in Eukaryotes; 29. Organization of Genetic Material: 3. Mitochondrial and Chloroplast Genomes 30. Organization of Genetic Material; 4. Split Genes, Overlapping Genes, Pseudogenes, Retrogenes and Cryptic Genes; 31. The Genetic Code; 32. Expression of Gene and Protein Synthesis: 1..Transcription in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes; 33. Expression of Gene and Protein Synthesis: 2. RNA Processing (Decay, Splicing, Editing and Repair of RNA) 34. Expression of Gene and Protein Synthesis: 3. Protein Structure and Molecular Machines for Translation of mRNA (Ribosome, tRNA and aaRS) 35. Expression of Gene and Protein Synthesis: 4. Translation of mRNA in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes ; 36. Protein Modification, Folding, Translocation and Degradation; 37. Regulation of Gene Expression: 1. Operon Circuits in Bacteria and Other Prokaryotes; 38. Regulation of Gene Expression; 2. Regulation Cascades in Bacteriophages ; 39. Regulation of Gene Expression : 3. A Variety of Mechanisms in Eukaryotes ; 40. Regulation of Gene Expression: 4. Chromatin Remodeling and Cellular Memory; 41. Cell Receptors and Signal Transduction; 42. Genes in Development ; 43. Epigenetics and Epigenomics ; 44. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology: 1..Recombinant DNA, Cloning, PCR and Microarrays ; 45. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology: 2. Molecular Markers and Molecular Maps; 46. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology: 3. Isolation, Sequencing and Synthesis of Genes; 47. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology : 4. Gene Transfer Methods and Transgenic Organisms; 48. Multigene Families in Eukaryotes ; 49. Genomics and Proteomics (Animals, Plants and Microbes) ; 50. Genetics of Cancer: Proto-oncogenes, Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressor Genes; 51. Population and Evolutionary Genetics ; 52. Genetics of Inbreeding Depression and Heterosis ; References; Author Index; Subject Index



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