Elements of Biotechnology
Prof. P. K. Gupta
2nd Edition (3rd Reprint) 2015-16
Crown 4vo
XVi + 468
Price Rs. 385.00
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PART I:- Biotechnology : General Features:1. Biotechnology: History, Definition and Scope; 2.Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering: 1. Cloning and Expression Vectors; 3.Recombinant DNA and Genetic Engineering: 2. Chimeric DNA, Probes and Genomic/cDNA Libraries; 4. PCR and Microarrays 5. Isolation and Synthesis of Genes (Including Synthesis of a Bacterial Genome); 6. Molecular Markers and DNA Sequencing (Including Whole Genome Sequencing) PART II:- Animal Biotechnology: 7. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: 1. Laboratory Facilities, Culture Media and Procedures; 8. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture: 2. Primary Culture, Cell Lines & Cloning; 9. Animal Cell and Tissue Culture; 3. Tissue and Organ Culture: Primary Explanation Techniques; 10. In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Humans and Livestock; 11. Transfection Methods and Transgenic Animals ; 12. Immunotechnology; 1. Immune System, Antibodies, Interferons and Vaccines; 13. Immunotechnology: 2. Hybridoma and Monoclonal Antibodies (Mabs); 14. Animal Genomics: 1. Molecular Maps; 15. Animal Genomics: 2. Whole Genome Sequences and Their Annotation; 16. Biotechnology in Medicine; PART III:- Plant Biotechnology: 17. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 1. Culture Media and Cell Culture; 18. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 2. Tissue Culture, Micropropagation and Somaclonal Variation; 19. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 3. Production and Uses of Haploids; 20. Plant Cell and Tissue Culture: 4. Protoplast Culture, Regeneration and Somatic Hybridization; 21. Gene Transfer Methods in Plants; 22. Transgenic Plants; 23. Chloroplast and Mitochondrion Engineering; 24. Plant Genomics: 1. Molecular Maps of Plant Genomes; 25. Plant Genomics: 2. Whole Genome Sequences; PART IV:- Industrial & Microbial Biotechnology: 26. Enzyme Biotechnology; 27. Protein Engineering, Immunotoxins and Drug Designing; 28. Metabolic Engineering for Overproduction of Metabolites; 29. Microbial Biotechnology: 1. Isolation, Culture and Genetic Manipulation of Microbes; 30. Microbial Biotechnology: 2. Microbes for Production of Chemicals; 31. Microbial Biotechnology: 3. Microbes for Cleaner Technologies; 32. Microbial Biotechnology: 4. Microbes for Agriculture; 33. Microbial Biotechnology: 5. Microbial Genomics for Industry; PART V:- Biotechnology & Environment: 34. Pollution Control; 35. Bioremediation (Including Phytoremediation); 36.Bioenergy and Biofuels; 37. Restoration of Degraded Lands; 38. Biodiversity and its Conservation; PART VI:- Biotechnology & Intellectual Property: 39. Biotechnology & Intellectual Property: 1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Intellectual Property Protection (IPP); 40.Biotechnology & Intellectual Property: 2. Patenting of Biological Material: Obligations and Implications;



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