CONTENTS: 1. Animal Biotechnology: An Overview: PART-I: DNA Technology; 2. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: 1. Cloning and Expression Vectors; 3. Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning: 2. Chimeric DNA, Molecular Probes and Gene Libraries; 4. PCR and Microarrays; 5. Isolation and Synthesis of Genes/Genomes (including 'synthetic genomics'); 6. DNA Sequencing Technologies (including New Generation Sequencing Methods); 7. DNA-Based Molecular Markers; PART-II: Animal Cell and Tissue Culture; 8. Laboratory Facilities, Culture Media and Procedures; 9. Primary Culture and Cell Lines; 10. Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines; 11. Primary Explantation Techniques and Organ/Embryo Culture; 12. Cell and Tissue Engineering; PART-III: IVF, Cloning and Gene Transfer; 13. In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer in Humans and Livestock; 14. Cloning of Animals: Methods and Utility; 15. Gene Transfer Methods in Animals; 16. Gene Targeting and Knock-Out Mice; 17. Transgenic Animals; PART-IV: Immunotechnology; 18. B-Cells, Antibodies, Interferons and vaccines; 19. T-Cell Receptors and MHC Restriction; 20. Hybridoma and Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs)PART-V: Animal/Human Genomics and Medicine; 21. Molecular Maps; 22. QTL Analysis of Complex Traits; 23. LD and Association Mapping in Humans and Livestock; 24. Animal Genomics and Proteomics; 25. Epigenome and Medicine; 26. Vaccines, Dignostics and Forensics; 27. Gene Therapy; 28. Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine; 29. Regenerative Medicine; 30. Endocrine and Reproductive Technologies; 31. Apoptosis and Animal Biotechnology; 32. Marker-Assisted Selection in Animal Breeding; PART-VI: Animal Biotechnology and Food Security; 33.Biotechnology for Animal Food; 34. Dairy Biotechnology; 35. Blue Biotechnology (Marine and Aquatic Biotechnology); PART-VII: Biosafety, Bioethics and Regulatory Issues; 36. Biosafety and Bioethics in Animal Biotechnology; 37. Regulatory Framework in Animal Biotechnology; PART-VIII: Intellectual Property and Animal Biotechnology; 38. Proprietary Rights on Life Forms; 39. IPR and Gene-Based Technologies; 40. Legal Aspects of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Patents



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